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The quintessential skincare for all moms and moms-to-be – Matana Organics - is now diversifying and stepping into three significant sites – TheTot, Anthropologie, and Bohemian Mama. One-of-a-kind skincare and wellness that focuses on pre and postpartum self-care, Matana Organics, since its inception in 2019, was available for purchase only on their website But, a new year calls for a new move, and the brand is all set to multiply its reach and cater to the needs of thousands of expecting women, mothers, and likewise.


The expansion of Matana Organics to TheTot, Anthropologie and Bohemian Mama further solidifies the brands' safety standards as an entity specifically devised to nurture the needs of mothers. To Begin with, TheTot is a third-party retailer that aims to make choosing products for families at all walks of life an accessible and decisive process. They handpick and curate brands and items that qualify for their high safety guidelines and thresholds. The transparency that TheTot provides to its customers is incredible, and it is a welcoming and much-need move for Matana Organics. TheTot has 200 vendors on its site, and Matana Organics shines through as a sustainable, family-owned, vegan, and cruelty-free company.

When it comes to Bohemian Mama, its widespread acclaim as a brand and a retail destination is no secret. Bohemian Mama is the epitome of promoting brands that empower women to make more sustainable and ethical decisions for themselves and their children. Matana Organics precisely falls into that spectrum of companies that strive to make the market realm more mother and baby-friendly. In a world of marketing gimmicks and inconspicuous trade practices, it is crucial for expecting mothers and new mothers to find a niche that offers premium pre and postpartum products. Matana Organics aims to provide these benefits.

Lastly, the third partner of Matana Organics – Anthropologie – is a part of URBN and was started in 1992 in Pennsylvania. Currently, the retail destination has 200 stores all over the globe. The objective of Anthropologie is to be accountable to the needs of creative women who are a class apart from the rest. The retail destination offers a plethora of products include clothing, lingerie, beauty, home décor, and so forth, which cater to the free-spirited woman who is detail-oriented and observant of what she uses. The inculcation of Matana Organics into Anthropologie is a massive step for the former as it implies that the brand can begin its mainstreaming and cover more ground.

It is noteworthy to mention that the advantage of working with the three retailers – TheTot, Anthropologie, and Bohemian Mama is that Matana Organics can extract a layered effect, as the three retail destinations or third-party players have a similar customer base. The multi-pronged locational merit of Anthropologie coupled with the maternity and toddler-oriented niche of TheTot and Bohemian Mama will provide Matana Organics with an encapsulated vantage point. The clean beauty revolution has gained immense traction in the last few years, and Matana Organics' expansion to retail outlets is coming at the right moment.

The Products Available at Anthropologie, TheTot, and Bohemian Mama – An Overview of the Expansion

The rage regarding the expansion of Matana Organics into three distinct and sought-after retail destinations – Anthropologie, TheTot, and Bohemian Mama is absolute. From a brand's point of view, the diversification and branching out implies the scope of being a household name and a global powerhouse for mothers' pregnancy-friendly products. Likewise, from a customer's perspective, the accessibility towards the Pandora's Box of pregnancy-friendly products from Matana Organics means a great way to unwind or deal with the nitty-gritty of upcoming motherhood or new motherhood.


1. Postpartum Recovery Sitz Bath is an excellent product for recently postpartum women who want to soothe the soreness and brush the wry that accompanies childbirth. The product is a 20-minute rejuvenation treatment that relaxes tired muscles and eases pain and discomfort from stitches, stretching, and tearing. Induced with soft rose petals and healing Dead Sea salt, Matana Organics' Postpartum Recovery is ideal for mothers who have recently delivered their child. The joy of childbirth should not come with excruciating pain, and the route to mitigate that pain should not have any side effects. The natural healing bath solution by Matana Organics acts as the soothing lullaby for new mothers and helps them get rid of discomfort.

The superstars of the product are the infused rosebuds that have anti-bacterial, anti-viral, astringent, and mood-lifting properties. The salience of the bath is that it will reduce pain and discomfort in the private parts of new mothers, accelerate the postpartum healing process, relax muscles in the perineum, and provide relief from stitching that accompanies stitches. The product is sold in TheTot, Anthropologie, and Bohemian Mama. The Postpartum Recovery Sitz Bath by Matana Organics had to go through rigorous testing and independent qualifiers to be on these retail destinations. The Postpartum Sitz Bath is free from PEGs, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, pesticides or herbicides, parabens, and phthalates. As such, it is entirely safe for expecting and new mothers. The salient ingredients of the spa bath solution are – Dead Sea salts, rosebuds, and Gotu Kola


2. Citrus Body Scrub – Needless to say, exfoliation becomes quite the hassle for expecting mothers and new mothers. The Citrus Body Scrub by Matana Organics aims to fill the gap in pregnancy-friendly exfoliation products. It is an all-natural and organic scrub that assists in diminishing the appearance of Linea Ligra, stretch marks, Bacne or back acne scars, and blemishes. The potent yet soothing ingredients of the product work to hydrate, soften, and even skin tone. It is a gentle scrub that is clinically formulated to remove dry, flaky, and dead skin cells with care and love. The superstar ingredients of the scrub are turmeric and vitamin C – two Holy Grails when it comes to brightening skin and providing it with plump and radiance. Likewise, Argan oil, Sweet Almond Oil, and Rosehip Oil hydrate and nourish the skin. The product is an absolute all-rounder as everything, from the ingredients to the formulation and packaging, is designed for sustainability and visible results.

The scrub is free of parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic scents, pesticides, and herbicides. As such, expecting mothers, women planning their pregnancy, and new mothers can safely use it as a bi-weekly unwinding session. One will have to massage a handful of the scrub onto dry skin circularly, allow the paste to sit for a while, and gently rinse with lukewarm water. It is essential to complement the scrub with pregnancy-friendly body oil or moisturizer. Pregnancy should come with happy memories and life-long scars, and thus the Citrus Body Scrub by Matana Organics helps postpartum women do away with their worries of scarring and marks.

3. Matana Stretch Mark Oil is a unique innovation from Matana Organics that aims to naturally target postpartum scarring and help new mothers get rid of rigid marks and spots. The Matana Stretch Mark Oil is intensely hydrating and soothing body oil that can be massaged into anybody area that feels tight, dry, or itchy. The oil is specifically formulated for to-be-mothers to prevent stretch marks after pregnancy. In addition, the unique bends of nourishing oils keep the skin moisturized and offer relief to signs of stretching skin. The salient ingredients of the product are organic jojoba oil, grape seed oil, and sweet almond oil that work their magic together.


With its expansion to TheTot, Bohemian Mama, and Anthropologie, the stretch mark oil by Matana Organics has passed through stringent quality tests. As such, its safety is unmatched. The product vehemently reduces redness and itchiness and keeps skin calm and glowy. It is incredible for skin hydration and moisture retention and quickly absorbs into the skin without causing stains. The paraben-free, PEG-free, and artificial fragrance-free characteristics of the oil mean that both expecting and new mothers don't have to compromise on the quality of their skin.


4. Two-in-one Detachable Dry Brush – This one-of-a-kind brush by Matana Organics can be used for the body, face, and even intimate areas. It is composed of plant-oriented bristles of the finest grade and medium firmness to stimulate and detox the lymphatic system. The brush is an incredible exfoliation tool and helps improve blood circulation and break down cellulite. It is also great for clearing clogged pores and invigorating the body. The ideal time to use the brush is before showering by working from the bottom of the legs towards the heart. The skin must be dehydrated before using the brush.


Matana Organics – A Holistic Brand for 'The Mindful Mama' 


The incorporation of Matana Organics into the realm of Anthropologie is the brands' inception into the mainstream market of prepartum and postpartum products. The brand undoubtedly has created a cult following since 2019, but diversifying comes at the right stage when the influence of skincare and wellness is at its peak. Those days no longer exists when skincare and wellness meant a Cleanser-Toner-Moisturizer routine right now. Right now, the world is witnessing a revolutionary phase when we talk about wellness. Pre-partum and postpartum skincare and wellness products shine bright like diamonds as regular and conventional are either too harsh for pregnant women and new mothers or are too risqué for them to use. Matana Organics come into existence with the prospect of helping women who are planning to be pregnant, are pregnant, or recently postpartum to find a wholesome trajectory at wellness and beauty. The brand is an ardent devout of clean and natural ingredients specifically formulated and engineered to fit the undulating needs of women in precarious conditions.

The holistic approach to a pregnancy-friendly skincare range defines the company's ethos. It extends global-standard, plant-based, and organic products that derive nourishment from Mother Nature to nurture the skin of young mothers. The brand's recent expansion to TheTot, Anthropologie, and Bohemian Mama is a mammoth-sized feat for the company and an excellent way for more young and expecting mothers to find a wellness range that cares for them.


In conclusion, the phenomenal growth and consequent expansion of Matana Organics reveal a lot about the company and its products. Its mission to provide pregnancy-friendly, simple, effective, and all-natural products has gained immense traction in the last two years and has enormous growth potential. Furthermore, the newfound diversification of the brand to TheTot, Bohemian Mama, and Anthropologie opens a mine of opportunities and provides it with ample scope to reach a global clientele. 



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