Matana Organics Is On Secret Sale At Anthropologie – Matana Skincare

Matana Organics Is On Secret Sale At Anthropologie

Matana Organics Is On Secret Sale At Anthropologie

A force to be reckoned with in the beauty and wellness industry – Matana Organics' expansion to TheTot, Anthropologie, and Bohemian Mama should not come as a surprise to anyone. The diversification of the pregnancy-friendly brand to three top retail destinations is a welcome move and comes at a time when the 'subjective skincare' movement is finding traction. Nevertheless, with all the celebratory news about expansion comes another piece of information that demands celebration – MatanaOrganics is on a secret sale at Anthropologie. Yes, you heard it right. With the holiday season and New Year at their peak, there is no doubt that both long-term customers and newbies have been awaiting a sale to hoard on their favorite Matana Organics products. But, of course, the customers' wish is the command of Matana Organics and Anthropologie duo. 

Conventional retail destinations like Ulta, Sephora, and Target are famous for their seasonal and end-of-season sales. But, while joining the bandwagon of these stores, people tend to overlook the potential of Anthropologie and the massive sales that they offer time and again. Well, now the secret is out as we are ready to spill the beans regarding the beauty sale at Anthropologie. First, suppose you aren't aware of what Anthropologie is. In that case, it is a retail store and an online hub best known for its diverse products and collection ranging from boho-chic clothing to luxe home décor goods and fantastic beauty and wellness products. Matana Organics is a recent inclusion into the Anthropologie spectrum and is ready to take the site by storm. 

Right now, Matana Organics – a family-owned skincare and wellness brand that caters to prepartum and postpartum mothers – is on a massive scale. However, it is rare for Matana Organics to be on mammoth-sized sales on their website, so if you have been eyeing their au-natural products, now is the time to get them. Matana Organics is the one-stop destination for pre-and post-maternity skincare and unwinding needs for all mothers and mommies-to-be. They have an assortment of cruelty-free, vegan, and clean products that are meticulously designed to cater to the needs of new mothers. Well, enough of the chatter, let us dovetail into the Anthropologie-Matana Organics sale and see what the deals are!

What Does the Sale Look Like?

Currently, there are three products from Matana Organics that are on sale at Anthropologie for a limited time. So if you have wishlisting the Matana Organics Stretch Mark Oil, their Citrus Body Scrub, or their Post-partum Recovery Sitz Bath, now is the time to grab them from Anthropologie. So without delay further, let us look at the details of the products and what makes them unique.

Matana Stretch Mark Oil

It is one of Matana Organics' bestsellers and for all the right reasons. The product reeks of innovation as it helps pregnant and recently postpartum women get rid of and assuage their stretch marks naturally. The keyword here is 'organic' and 'natural' as the oil lacks petrochemicals, parabens, artificial fragrance, and nasty chemicals. It is an intensely nourishing and hydrating oil that can be gently massaged into any body area that feels itchy, flaky, or tight. The unique bends of healthy ingredients keep the skin moisturized and offer relief to signs of stretching skin. The salient components of the product are organic jojoba oil, grape seed oil, and sweet almond oil that work their magic together. Three cult ingredients stand out in the product – 

· Jojoba Oil – It is an airy, light, and non-sticky skin conditionerthat penetrates beyond the epidermal layer and facilitates skin smoothening and replenishing. We must say all the goodness of intense hydration without the tacky feel.

· Sweet Almond Oil – Inundated with the goodness of vitamin C, vitamin A, and fatty acids, sweet almond oil is a Holy Grail when it comes to skin cell rejuvenation, skin barrier protection, and moisture retention.  

· Grapeseed oil is a mine of antioxidants naturally rich in Omega-6 and Omega 9 that combine so that stretch marks and scars don't reappear again.

Thus, the safety of the stretch mark oil by Matana Organics is unmatched. The product diligently reduces redness and itchiness and keeps skin calm and glowy. It is incredible for skin hydration and moisture retention and quickly absorbs into the skin without causing stains. Originally priced at USD 25 for 4 Fluid Ounces (OZ), you can now purchase it at a 25 percent discount at Anthropologie. But, don't wait any longer, as the product might sell out by the time you finish reading this sentence. 

Postpartum Recovery Sitz Bath

A powerhouse of dealing with postpartum soreness and discomfort, the Postpartum Recovery Sitz Bath by MatanaOrganics is a 20-minute rejuvenation treatment that relaxes tired muscles and eases pain and discomfort from stitches, stretching, and even tearing. Infused with rosebuds and the Dead Sea salts, the product mitigates and minimizes pain and discomfort in the private parts of new mothers, accelerates the postpartum healing process, relaxes muscles in the perineum, and provides relief from stitching that accompanies stitches. The all-natural and soothing ingredients of the bath mean that prepartum and postpartum women can use it without any hesitations or reservations. The star ingredients of the bath solution are – Dead Sea salts, Gotu Kala, and Rosebuds. 

The bath solution has a luxurious and rustic appeal that adds to its charm. The Postpartum Recovery Sitz Bath is premised on the belief that the joy of pregnancy and childbirth should not be accompanied by intolerable pain, and the trajectory to find pain relief can be free of chemicals. As such, the product acts as a healing and relaxing solution for new mothers so that they get rid of their worries and wry while unwinding in their bath with the 20-minute postpartum solution from Matana Organics. Originally priced at USD 20 for 8 Fluid Ounces (OZ), you can find this unique and one-of-a-kind bath solution at Anthropologie at a 25 percent discount. So don't wait any longer, and purchase it now for a soothing session after a hard day of taking care of your baby. 

Citrus Body Scrub

Exfoliation is a fundamental part of any beauty regimen, but finding scrubs and peels that are safe, soothing, and effective is very difficult for pre and postpartum mothers. But, the Citrus Body Scrub by Matana Organics aims to fill the void in pregnancy-friendly skin exfoliation products. The gritty yet gentle particles of the scrub are manufactured by using all-natural and clean ingredients via sophisticated methods. Say goodbye to the myth that natural equals less-effective, as the Citrus Body Scrub by Matana Organics utilizes organic ingredients to diminish the appearance of Linea Ligra, stretch marks, Bacne, or back acne scars, and blemishes. Indeed, it is a gentle scrub that is clinically formulated to remove dry, flaky, and dead skin cells with care and love. 

The scrub is free of parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic scents, pesticides, and herbicides. As such, expecting mothers, women planning their pregnancy, and new mothers can safely use it as a bi-weekly unwinding session. All one needs to massage a handful of the scrub onto dry skin circularly, allow the paste to sit for a while, and gently rinse with lukewarm water. It is essential to complement the scrub with pregnancy-friendly body oil or moisturizer. Pregnancy should come with happy memories and life-long scars, and thus the Citrus Body Scrub by MatanaOrganics helps postpartum women do away with their worries of scarring and marks.

The superstar ingredients of the product are –

· Turmeric – Infused with antibacterial properties, turmeric acts as an excellent agent that combats acne and rashes and helps new mothers and expecting mothers get rid of the hormonal skin conditions that come before, during, and after pregnancy.

· Argan oil, Sweet Almond Oil, and Jojoba Oil – The blend of three luxuriant and ultra-moisturizing oils means that the scrubbing is accompanied by optimal moisturization so that the skin does not feel dry, itchy, or flaky afterward. 

· Vitamin C – The regular and organic infusion of vitamin C into the scrub makes it an instant glow boost for the skin. Bid farewell to be dull and lifeless skin with the Matana Organics Citrus Body Scrub.

Typically priced at USD 40 for 7 Fluid Ounces (OZ), you can now get your hands on the Citrus Scrub at Anthropologie at 25 percent off. Hurry up, as stocks are running out fast.

What is Matana Organics all about?

The 'subjective skincare' movement should not be limited to people with diverse skin conditions but should also incorporate the needs and requirements of women planning to be pregnant, are pregnant, or are recently postpartum. Well, Matana Organics is a brand that aims to fight the precariousness of beauty and wellness when it comes to catering to the needs of new or expecting mothers. The market is flooded with harmful ingredients, some overt but many of which are covert. In such a context of inconspicuousness, it becomes difficult for pregnant women and new mothers to find harmless, clean, gentle, and yet productive products. Matana Organics is a brand whose loyalty is towards prepartum and postpartum women to find skincare and wellness products for their new way of life.

Since its inception in 2019, the brand has diligently worked to make pregnancy-friendly products a norm and not an exception. Rightfully known as the brand for the 'Mindful Mama,' MatanaOrganics is a brand that acts as the knight in shining armor for expecting and young mothers. 

The Ethos of Matana Organics 

The brand is hyper-concentrated in dealing with pre and postpartum women's beauty and wellness needs. In a world saturated with beauty products that cater to young skin or aged skin, it is indeed a rarity to bump into companies that make concerted efforts at pregnancy-friendly skincare. The behind-the-scene story of Matana Organics products is simple – the usage of organic products and using sophisticated yet straightforward techniques to bring the final product to life. Others can barely grasp the changes that pregnancy brings in a women's life, and in such a situation, it is essential to become one's own best friend by taking care of their physical and emotional needs. Matana Organics strives to provide expecting and young mothers with a pregnancy-friendly beauty routine that they indulge in every day and feel better and more relaxed. 

What Does Matana Organics Diversification to AnthropologieMean for the Brand?

The recent diversification of Matana Organics to Anthropologie, a retail site with over 200 stores worldwide, is an excellent move to enhance the brands' reach and reputation. The long-held dream of Matana Organics to make beauty and wellness pregnancy-friendly can soon become a reality with this new collaboration with Anthropologie. Despite the relatively silent sales at Anthropologie, it is a top-rated site both at online and offline thresholds. With customers of different ages and needs, Matana Organics is at an ideal location as its ground-breaking products can find a wider clientele. The inculcation of MatanaOrganics into Anthropologie is a massive step for the former as it implies that the brand can begin its mainstreaming and cover more ground. From a brand's point of view, the diversification and branching out means the scope of being a household name and a global powerhouse for mothers' pregnancy-friendly products. Likewise, from a customer's perspective, the accessibility towards the Pandora's Box of pregnancy-friendly products from Matana Organics means a great way to unwind or deal with the nitty-gritty of upcoming motherhood or new motherhood.

Well, the collaboration between Matana Organics and Anthropologie comes with a surprise for customers as the brand's best-selling products are on a massive sale. 


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