Our Story

Meet the Founder 

Like so many moms-to-be, I was thrilled when I discovered I was expecting my first child. I imagined the perfect pregnancy — a smooth ride, free from aches
or upsets. But things didn’t go according to that vision. Despite constant
discomfort, the lack of items in my closet that fit, and the swollen everything...
I grew determined to embrace the healthiest lifestyle possible to ensure a
good start for my baby. As I honed in on my daily habits, I became acutely aware of the harmful products I’d been putting on my skin. I struggled to find safe and effective skincare products to help manage all of the physical changes pregnancy could induce. Then, at 7 months pregnant, it struck me: All I had to do was look to my mother.

I was raised by a loving, single mom — an immigrant who fought hard for her
family and instilled in me a work ethic and fierce curiosity I rely on to this day.
Growing up, my mother didn’t have much. What she used for skincare, she
made from scratch. And when I was a teenager, she taught me how to use a
holistic approach to address my skincare needs.

As I develop Matana, my mom remains my muse. And my daughter remains
my inspiration. With other advanced formulations in the works, we’re excited
to provide quality, plant-based, organic beauty products that nurture your skin
the way Mother Nature intended.

Simple, Clean, Safe and Organic Always.


Gabriela Babila

What does the name Matana mean? 

Matana is of Hebrew origin and means gift. We wanted the name to capture the entire essence of the brand and the feeling you get as a mom to be. As you know, women’s bodies are magical, and to be given the opportunity to carry life is truly a gift. 

Our gift to you is creating simple, clean, safe and organic products... always.

Repeat this mantra when you give yourself the gift of self-care.

My body is the most precious Matana.
My baby is the most precious Matana.
I treat my skin with the same love and gratitude.
It is truly a gift.