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Our Journey

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The Idea

What started as a passion, turned into a vision and now a dream come true . And just like that our very first product was launched and shipped to Los Angelos - a simple, plant based, cruelty-free stretch mark oil that hydrates and nourishes all skin types - and beyond.

Learn More Sep 29, 2019

Our First Ever Celebrity ShoutOut

Celebrity Christina Milian in-cooperates our Stretch Mark Oil into her skincare routine.

Learn More Nov 23, 2019

Matana Organics Featured in MotherMuse Mag Beauty Issue

Check out the upcoming January issue of Mother Muse Mage to see their top beauty tips and best plant-based and cruelty-free skincare recommendations. This Beauty Issue features our very own Stretch Mark Oil as an essential body oil in their guide to the perfect feel-good beauty.

Learn More Jan 03, 2020

Stretch Marks & Pregnancy (and tips on avoiding them even with a genetic predisposition)

AVYN Nation names our Stretch Mark Oil simply one of the best natural stretch mark oil you should already be using.

Learn More Jan 28, 2020

Growing: Hello 2nd Product Launch

Introducing: The Postpartum Recovery Sitz Bath - Crafted with organics lavendar, rose buds, gotu kola and good for you herbs that help soothe, and relax your body postpartum.

Learn More Apr 09, 2020

Stella Simona’s Shares Her Post Recovery Care Recommendations Including Our Postpartum Recovery Sitz Bath

Celebrity designer Stella Simona and other hollywood stars share their post recovery care recommendations to nurse your body back to health including calendula, the key ingredient found in our Postpartum Recovery Sitz Bath.

Learn More Mar 10, 2020

PETA Certified

We're proud to be PETA Certified! Because we love our planet and fur friends. Formulated with love, not cruelty.

Learn More Mar 18, 2020

Postpartum Doula & Lactation Educator Lauren Archer Takes Over Matana IG

Tune in tomorrow with mama, postpartum doula & lactation educator Lauren Archer, will be sharing with us a glimpse of what she does, motherhood tips & postpartum advice. If you have any questions or comments you'd like her to answer share below.

Learn More Apr 1, 2020

Naturopathic Doctor & Master Herbalist Dr. Erica Grenci Takes Over Matana IG

Live on our Instagram Story's tomorrow with Naturopathic Doctor & Master Herbalist Dr. Erica Grenci, will be sharing with us a glimpse of what she does, herbal tips & skincare advice. If you have any questions or comments you'd like her to answer share below.

Learn More Apr 10, 2020

Hypnobirthing Expert, Childbirth Educator and Founder of Behold Baby Hayley Benjamin Takes Over Matana IG

Mother of two, Childbirth Educator, Hypnobirthing expert and founder of Behold. Baby will be sharing with us a glimpse of what she does, labor advice and all things motherhood. If you have any questions or comments you'd like her to answer share below.

Learn More Apr 30, 2020

Voyage LA Interviews Matana Organics Founder Gabriela Babila

Find out how her entrepreneurship journey became the roadmap behind the brand we all know and love today Matana Organic.

Learn More Jul 6, 2020

Matana Organics Featured in Mother Magazine Mother Essentials

Check out the upcoming July issue of Mother Magazine to see their top mother essentials and mother centric recommendations. This Mother Essentials Issue features our very own Stretch Mark Oil and Postpartum Recovery Sitz Bath amongst other Mother Essentials.

Learn More Jul 14, 2020

Our Founder Gabriela Babila Chat With SuperMamas About Her Story, Motherhhood and the Purpose & Meaning Behind Matana Organics

This week check out the interview with Gabriela Babila, creator of clean beauty brand Matana Organics Skincare. Gabriela shares how she became fascinated with the beauty & power of plants, and using nature to create her skincare line. Her passion & positivity for her family, her business, and motherhood really shine in this episode and she is dropping all the gems (or matanas, as you’ll learn) that we needed to hear.

Learn More Aug 1, 2020

Hello TheThot

Retail news: Matana Organics partners with TheThot to feature our bath and body products online...

Learn More Aug 05, 2020

2020 Eco-Excellence Awards

Matana Organics not only strives to create safe and effective products but also to preserve the environment . We're honored to have been selected as the 2020 Eco-Excellence finalists in the Skin Care for Her Category. Regarded as one of the biggest media awards, the Eco-Excellence are the only ones to recognize excellence in sustainability and social responsibility.

Learn More Aug 07, 2020

Mini Magazine Shares Our Founder Story

With a background in psychology and expecting her first child, Gabriela knew how important it was to nurture the body AND mind during this transition. Struggling to find safe and effective skincare products to help manage all of the physical changes pregnancy would induce, she thought about her own mom—an immigrant and single mother—and how she would approach this.

Learn More Sep 10, 2020

Brand Clover Baby & Kids Q&A Featuring Our Founder

Gabriela is mom to her adorable two-year-old and founder of @matanaorganics, which just turned one! She is incredibly passionate about supporting other women (like us!) and giving back to her community. Plus, Gabriela always seems to have a realistic perspective, which we love. Read more below and check out @matanaorganics!

Learn More Oct 12, 2020

Inside The Sleep & Self-Care Routine of Busy Entrepreneur & Toddler Mama Gabriela Babila

Mother Magazine dives even deeper into the importance of rest—especially for taxed-out parents—and shared our founder story on her own sleep and self-care routine as a busy entrepreneur and toddler mom.

Learn More Oct 20, 2020

Growing: 3rd Product Launch

The wait is over... Introducing our Citrus Body Scrub. It helps brighten skin, minimizes appearance of linea nigra, stretch marks, dark spots, and have the added advantage of containing powerful vitamins, minerals and glow-benefits. Packed with Vitamin C, Turmeric, and antioxidants that protect and hydrate your postpartum skin.

Learn More Oct 27, 2020

Stella Simona Shares Her Morning Skincare Routine Including Our Citrus Body Scrub and Stretch Mark Oil

Celebrity designer Stella Simona shares her morning skincare routine to put her in a good mood including bergamot orange, the key ingredient found in our Citrus Body Scrub.

Learn More Nov 06, 2020

BaseNotes Mag Shares Our Founder Story

"Besides, maternity skincare doesn't have to stop at pregnancy. Clean, vegan beauty is not only superior in performance - it can also be cool and sexy. As our brand and community evolves, we are setting a new tone and experience for maternity and postpartum skincare. "

Learn More Dec 18, 2020

Swedish Entrepreneur Babba C. Rivera's Shares Her Luxurious Self-Care Routine with Coveteur Magazine Using Our Citrus Body Scrub

Did you know even Babba C. Rivera is a fan of our brand? Read up on why you should be exfoliating with a body scrub everyday, even if you don't leave your house in Coveteur’s latest lifestyle piece.

Learn More Dec 20, 2020

TheTot Five X Five Featuring Our Founder

The Tot FIVE x FIVE invites inspiring mamas to answer five questions on motherhood and curate five products they can’t live without. Here we talk to Gabriela Babila, Founder of Matana Organics.

Learn More Jan 26, 2021

Hello Bohemian Mama

Retail news: Matana Organics partners with Bohemian Mama to feature our bath and body products online...

Learn More Apr 01, 2021

The Medium Magazine Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts That Will Warm Her Heart

Check out the upcoming April issue of Medium Magazine to see their thoughtful Mother's Day gift recommendations that will warm her heard featuring our very own Citrus Body Scrub. This scrub gently exfoliates dead skin cells leaving mom's skin radiant and glowing!

Learn More Apr 20, 2021

Hello Anthropologie

Retail news: Matana Organics partners with Anthropologie to feature our bath and body products online and in-stores...

Learn More Sep 09, 2021

BIG UPDATE: Restructuring new Founder

Matana Organics is carefully crafted in the US. Our family operated business is now based in Florida.

Learn More Nov 10, 2021


Matana Organics officially filed to trademark the name "Matana." and all their amazing products. Stay tuned for more news on Matana.

Learn More Jan 25, 2022

Hello Amazon

Retail news: Matana Organics bath and body products are now available for purchase and prime shipping on Amazon.

Learn More Mar 10, 2022

Growing: Body Butter Launch

Introducing our Smooth Move Body Butter. It helps hydrate skin, minimizes appearance, stretch marks, dark spots, and have the added advantage of containing powerful vitamins, minerals and glow-benefits. Packed with Mango Butter, Shea, and Vitamin E that protect and hydrate your skin all year round.

Learn More Aug 01, 2022

British Vogue X Matana Organics

Check out what the editorial team at British Vogue had to say about our Herbal Sitz Bath in their fall campaign article. On their site this month, you will find it all, from the key emerging trends to the people, product and places to know.

Learn More Aug 23, 2022

To be continued...

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