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A Healthy Pregnancy on a Plant-Based Diet

The number one piece of advice I received from friends and family was to “eat whatever I want” or “this is the time to really indulge” and although I definitely didn’t think twice about eating spaghetti and meatless “meatballs” for a week straight when it’s all I was craving at one point, I did notice my energy levels and overall feeling of wellbeing began to decline and eventually developed a chronic candida overgrowth for most of the first trimester. 

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Is Natural Skincare Really That Important?

Paying attention to healthy skincare products - along with diet, movement, and sleep - is what will keep your skin radiant in pregnancy.  We all want that pregnancy glow!  But we are also up against the very real challenge of growing a healthy baby and all the uncomfortable nuances that can come with that.  Soothing and nourishing our skin is one small thing we can focus on with a large payoff. 

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