Meet Janice Brooks Founder Of Joiblooms – Matana Skincare

Meet Janice Brooks Founder Of Joiblooms

Meet Janice Brooks Founder Of Joiblooms
Here at Matana Women’s History Month is everyday. We continue to meet such inspiring and creative women and want to find ways in which we can support and share their journeys in hopes to inspire our community. Meet, Janice Brooks, founder of @joiblooms , a floral design studio based in New York City. Janice shares her story behind the brand and how becoming a mother has shifted her career, journey and purpose.

“For my first year of motherhood, I was blessed to be able stay home with my sweet baby girl Miya who has been the light and constant motivation for me to be the best version of myself.

Becoming a mother was a journey within itself, so I vowed that if I ever had to opportunity to fill this role, I would dedicate myself fully. I took a break from my career in fashion and decided that if I went back to work full time, it had to be in a role that I was passionate about. I was always intrigued with flowers and initially it was just a creative outlet, but the happiness it brought me was undeniable, so I I invested in me.

I started Joi Blooms with the intention to pursue what I love, because a passion worth pursuing is worth going after - something I hope to instill in Miya by example.

Each hand-crafted design incorporates the aging beauty of dried florals and branches. And our love for fresh opulent blooms range in textures in an array of colors from the season’s most vibrant earthy color palettes to the most somber poetic hues.

We allow the subtle details to reflect the undone elegance of the natural motion of simplicity as seen in nature - bringing unique beauty into your homes, to your loved ones, and intimate events.” - @janicejoi

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