Meet Shannon & Niki Founders Of Clover Baby & Kids – Matana Skincare

Meet Shannon & Niki Founders Of Clover Baby & Kids

Meet Shannon & Niki Founders Of Clover Baby & Kids

Meet Shannon and Nikki, the founders and masterminds behind the brand, Clover Baby & KidsWe virtually sat down with these mamas to get the full lowdown on Clover Baby & Kids, and what it truly is like growing a brand with your best friend. 

What inspired Clover Baby & Kids? And how has your friendship changed since starting a business?

Clover was inspired by a desire to elevate baby and toddler basics. We set out to create a line that could truly work for both sleep and play – comfortable, cozy and stylish essentials. Being a parent is hectic and we like to think Clover makes it just a little bit easier. Little ones can go from nap to play back to sleep and be “photo ready” at all times! [Shannon]

Honestly, it has only made our friendship stronger. We talk more than ever! There are so many reasons why we are doing this together and we respect our partnership. We recognize each other’s strength, which makes working together easy and fun. [Nikki] 

What advice do you have for female entrepreneurs who are starting out?

Just get started.  It won't be perfect and there will be twists and turns but if you don't start the ride you won't get anywhere! [Shannon] 

Trust your gut. It’s natural to question every decision when you are starting out, but trusting your intuition is so valuable. Asking for help is just as important, which seems a bit contradictory! But find your network and tap into it.   [Nikki]

This year has been challenging to say the least, how have you adjusted and found opportunities to grow as a mother or entrepreneur? 

We are based on different coasts, and we have consultants in different cities and states, so luckily, we are accustomed to working virtually. Several scheduling adjustments were made to accommodate homeschooling, which was a first for us! And like most retailers and brands, our biggest challenge was ensuring our production and fulfillment operations would continue without significant delay. [Shannon]

Our day-to-day routine changed overnight at the start of the pandemic. We didn’t have much choice other than to embrace the full house while managing the work-from-home/homeschool balance the best we could. I’ve tried to keep things in perspective and adjust expectations through all areas of my life. And working through all of the year’s challenges has shown my strength as a mother and small business owner. It has established Clover as a viable brand.  Plus, it’s been a testament to our strong partnership. [Nikki]

How do you treat yourself to ‘me’ time? 

These days, sadly, it's cleaning to reset for the next day followed by a cocktail. [Shannon]

I’m all about baths with Matana's Citrus Body Scrub, of course. Also followed by a cocktail.  [Nikki]


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